Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

How we will help you

We will analyze your business objective and how your website is performing first than in the second stage we will investigate the problem areas which need to bring forward. We will keep you posted about the performances and the results of conversation about your PPC campaign and will send you the detailed report.

PPC Marketing - Ad Words

We offer Google AdWords Management Services where we do all the hard work for you, Just sit back and get more visitors to your site at a lower cost and convert more visitors into sales. SEO offers a long term growth but sometimes you just need an immediate boost. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign ensures that your money is put to the best possible use.
  • AdWords Campaign set up
  • Campaign Creation and Ad Copy Creation
  • Carrying out extensive keyword research for a Solid Foundation
  • On-going campaign optimization
  • Competitor Reverse Engineering
  • Landing Page Design and Development
  • Location Targeting
  • Time Targeting
  • Language Targeting
  • Adjusting Bids
  • Detailed Reporting and Monthly Meeting
Video Advertising (YouTube Ads)
Ossiris Marketing goes beyond traditional online video Advertisement, offering best-of-breed online video Ads and Campaigns solutions that boost Engagement from video and Even exposure through Google Products Mainly YouTube
Google Display Ads
Google Display ads is one nice trick getting your brand recognition using all necessary Google third party partners displaying your Banner Ads on highly visited category-relevant Website to increase your exposure on the internet.
Google Adwords Search Ads
Our top notch "pay per click" advertising management services are customized to meet your Exact needs.

We provide a customized PPC marketing or consulting program that provides the most value to your organization to increase your ROI.

We conduct a PPC Optimization Audit on a regular basis to identify opportunities to boost the performance of your current click campaigns.

We track and note everything in your campaigns so our report will quite the thing you would love.

Social Advertising
Social media is used to build the brand and to increase your brand awareness, It will also help you to engage with your customers and deliver best customer service, using social advertising you can target and generate sales and deliver marketing communications. ( Facebook advertising.twitter and partner network on social sites)
Mobile Ads
It is well known that Mobiles are a big key player when it comes to B2C individuals searches and Ossiris Marketing is well adopted and Google Certified Partner for providing Google AdWords Using mobile ads for Clients.
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